HLT Adventure LS Jersey - Relaxed Fit
HLT Adventure LS Jersey - Relaxed Fit
HLT Adventure LS Jersey - Relaxed Fit

HLT Adventure LS Jersey - Relaxed Fit

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Adventure LS Jersey - Relaxed Fit

The Adventure long sleeve cycling jersey is a modern update to the classic form; it’s everything you love about a traditional jersey with the addition of up-to-date technologies.  Built around next-generation fabric means you will be comfortable in this jersey regardless if you take it out for a spin on the road or carve up the single track.  It's more durable than traditional jerseys without sacrificing moisture wicking.  The Adventure Jersey was created for cyclists that prefer a more relaxed fit while still looking the part.  But it is by no means a "baggy" jersey!

This long sleeve jersey is the perfect weight for the days that are not to warm and not too cold.  It's just perfect.

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