Custom Cycling Apparel

We put so much work into our Cycling Apparel line that enough clubs and teams asked us to offer it as Custom.  So here we are.

In a past life we owned a bike shop and ran a pretty large team.  We know the ins and outs of what it's like to purchase custom apparel, so we know the experience that you're looking for.

You can trust us to deliver an incredible experience for your members, and to help make your job easier.  You run your club, we manage your kits.

Dedicated Team Store

We set everything up, provide links, and manage communications so that you can focus on running the rest.

Direct to Member Shipping

No need to sort through bulk orders and pass out gear. We ship directly to each member.

Clear Production Schedules

We set your ordering window and production dates to provide clear expectations to your membership.

Art Work Included

We'll provide our artist at no charge to get the perfect look for your kits and even create mockups for ordering.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is based on the size of your club, not on the quantity that you'll order per piece.

Partnership Discounts

When you work with us you gain access to our associated brands and events.


We offer aero fit, race fit, and relaxed fit options across our range. Every piece has an associated size chart to help your members choose the right size.

Get Started

Contact us to get rolling!



We work with clubs, teams, and shops based on the size of the membership. We do not have specific minimum orders per piece. If most of the club wants jerseys and bibs but only one member wants a skinsuit, we'll make that happen.

Fill out our Custom Inquiry Form and get in touch with you.

Contact Us

Your Team Store is open year round unless you choose to close it. We'll help you set bulk ordering windows that make sense for your members. These windows will offer a discount for the order.

Members have year-round access to your entire collection including on-demand casual items. Each order is an individual transaction with each member.

Outside of the discounted bulk ordering window your Team Store is still open at full price. Members can order as little as one piece and we'll immediately put it into production.

Yes! We can produce bulk orders of hoodies, socks, hats, and gloves for your team or business.

We also can set up your Team Store with on-demand tees, hats, and other gear that ships directly to your members in 7-10 days.