Sticker Pack - Assorted (1476682285079)

Sticker Pack - Assorted

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Behold, a pack of stickers containing one of every sticker we have and a few from events we're associated with and shops we love.

We took this picture before we had more stickers than this.  Some have run out and more have been added.  You'll be happy with what you get!

Based on a true story

NECX & NEMTB Are in our DNA

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Our Mission

We don't exist to be just another cycling apparel brand for elitists, although plenty of Elites love and wear our gear. We exist to embody the spirit of New Englanders. We explore, we participate, and we create. We love the chill of Winter just as much as we love the heat of Summer. Our favorite season is Fall but don't tell the other three that.

Endurance Threads exists to create gear that fits those who ride how we ride.

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