EVO-CX Cool Weather Gloves

EVO-CX Cool Weather Gloves

This the glove you've been waiting for, you just didn't know you have.  But when you think about every time you were tossing through your gear searching for what to wear when it's cold, but not too cold, but too cold for regular gloves, but not cold enough for winter gloves...you were looking for these gloves.

But, you didn't own these gloves...yet.

These are the gloves for when it's cold but not too cold, or when it's cold but you still need to do stuff with your fingers.  These are the gloves for cyclocross, gravel, mountain biking, and road cycling during the late fall and early spring.

These are the gloves that we couldn't have made without the EVO-FT.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Unmatched Fit and Feel
  • Unlined Softshell Upper for protection from the elements without bulk
  • Rollover Tips for less seams and better touch screen compatibility
  • Terry Thumb Wipe for when you're being gross
  • Compressed Neoprene Cuff for added warmth and protection
  • Silicone Palm Grippers
  • Touch Screen Compatibility across all palm and finger material
  • Happy Little Trees