V2 Glove Apology Replacement

Let's be honest about our V2 Gloves.  While trying to make gloves that were already awesome somehow better....our factory produced some pretty sub-par gloves.  They were too small and ripped when you tried to wear them thanks to the extra tight cuff.

Trying to wear them was kind of on you.  How dare you!

We tried putting notes letting people know to size up, putting them on sale as an apology, but ultimately they're gone now to eBay land.  If you really liked them go see if your size as available because they're like $10 now.

So we had the entire line of gloves reproduced to match the fit they were supposed to be.  The fit you know and love!

If you ordered our V2 Gloves before they went on clearance with a bunch of fit notes we're going to hook you up.  Order your FREE pair of the updated SendIt Gloves here.  We'll check your previous order for which style you ordered previously unless you note in the order comments which style you like.

Thanks for understanding and we hope that this is an acceptable apology!