Variant Party Shirt
Variant Party Shirt
Variant Party Shirt
Variant Party Shirt

Variant Party Shirt

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If you’re one of those riders that’s constantly doing your own thing or just doing everything your own way; you’re not an outcast.  You’re a Variant!  And there’s no sacred timeline for you to destroy.

Do a lot of people not know if they’re robots?

Variant Party Shirt - Relaxed Fit

The Party Shirt is our answer to the question that no one has asked; “How do I get the casual look without losing all of the performance benefits of my favorite jersey?”  Our answer was simple, make a collared shirt out of the same fabrics as our famed Slick Jersey but in a semi-relaxed fit and with buttons.  Then wear this beauty to the pub or the coffee shop after.  Maybe even to the podium!

Sorry, but three pockets across the back would have killed the casual vibe but we did include a subtle one on the rear that you’ll find handy.

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We don't exist to be just another cycling apparel brand for elitists, although plenty of Elites love and wear our gear. We exist to embody the spirit of New Englanders. We explore, we participate, and we create. We love the chill of Winter just as much as we love the heat of Summer. Our favorite season is Fall but don't tell the other three that.

Endurance Threads exists to create gear that fits those who ride how we ride.

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